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Du Toit Family Photo Shoot

Meet Du Toit Family.

This happy bunch first appeared very shy in front of my camera. But few playful tasks for boys, couple of Russian words and some encouragement helped them to open up! I find it is always easier to photograph families with kids in a very playful way. We have been crossing rivers with crocodiles, jumping from one ship to another, climbing trees and just being silly. Parents love to play along and help transform common park into a real scene of action. Thank you for such fun photoshoot, so blessed!

Photos by Jenya Zhivaleva. Your Foto Story.

Mossel Bay.

Garden Route.

South Africa.


Meet beautiful Terblanche family. Tania and Ian have two farm princesses: Karlien and Jana.

They are always outside, either chasing cattle together with their parents or playing with chickens or just rolling in the grass!

What I liked about this shoot is that, we followed all those little family trails and tried to follow their daily routine. Ok, Tania did make them look very clean and pretty  for the shoot =), but otherwise..they were in their element!

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