Winter Shoots

Big family reunion. When family comes together from two different countries and 3 different provinces of South Africa, no stormy weather will scare the fun away.

I felt so privileged to be the chosen photographer and capture that special day.

Jenya Zhivaleva Photography

Family photo shoot is a great tradition.

Photographing this beautiful family is turning into a tradition: from pregnancy with their first child to big busy family with two kids. It is exciting to watch Viljoen family grow and to capture their journey.

© Jenya Zhivaleva Photography

Family photo shoot as a tradition.

Forest Photo Walk

Photographs are return tickets to moments otherwise gone. Foresty family photo shoot with very special people. Happy to share Zonjee family photo walk on one of the trails outside George, Garden Route South Africa.
🎈Jenya Zhivaleva Photography

Paxton Family Shoot

Life is made of small moments like this. The moments we create together, remember and lean on when days get tough. Like they say, a hug from family lasts a lifetime.

Paxton family, thank you for amazing afternoon together. Thank you for letting me catch a glimpse into your family.

© Jenya Zhivaleva Photography