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Forest Family Shoot

What a fun photo shoot  that was! Looking for fairies and monkeys in Wilderness forest with De la Croix family. Photographs taken in celebration of Melissa and Michael’s wedding anniversary and 1 year birthday of beautiful Violet. 

Melissa is a beauty and parenting blogger herself. Interesting stories and insights on her blog Pretty Messy Melon

Breastfeeding  photos became a special part of the photo session. Breastfeeding is the most amazing, natural and nurturing relationship between a mother and a child. Mothers milk not only helps baby to grow and  develop a very strong immune and nervous system, but also creates a special bond between a mother and a child. A bond that helps both of them on their journey.

⊙ Jenya Zhivaleva Photography

Maternity  Shoot at Glentana beach.

I truly believe that pregnant women are gorgeous, even though most of the time they don’t feel that way. They radiate light and love! I hope that with my photography they can actually  see it and be reminded of their beauty  and superpowers.

Maternity shoot at Glentana beach with beautiful family of  Shelley and Johannes.

 © Jenya Zhivaleva Photography 

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