Birth Photography – Welcome Ethan De La Croix

Birth Photography. It is raw. It is real. It is emotional. It is beautiful. It is life arriving right in front of you. I felt at owe watching De La Croix family birthing their baby boy Ethan.

Yes, it is a family affair. Dad was helping his wife through all her waves of contractions, catching his own son and cutting his cord. 6 year old sister was hugging mommy’s tummy to help her with pain, jumping out of excitement on arrival of her brother and hugging everyone around of happiness.

And mother was breathing through every contraction which came closer and closer and eventually hit one on top of another. She birthed her son with no painkillers. Surrounded by family she welcomed baby boy she carried for so many months under her heart. Melissa cried from happiness of finally meeting Ethhan and knowing that the worst is over. In fact everyone was crying, including me. As I have just witnessed something so powerful, beautiful and inspiring.

Once again I can see that birthing your child at home is a real VIP experience of births. Comfort of your own home, everyone you love are around, no random people or check ups, freedom of movement, no interventions, no unnecessary medication, delayed cord clamping, and midwife or doula at your own disposal to help you at any moment.

Photographing birth made me feel so humble, as I have witnessed life at its grand arrival.

Jenya Zhivaleva Photography www.

Birthing mama Melissa De La Croix – check out her page to hear her own birth story.

Doula – Heidi van Zyl

George – South Africa – 2019

Garden Route Birth Photography


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