Going wild in South Africa

I am not sure whether its South African  sun  or a unique feeling of freedom one experiences being so far away from home, but there is definitely something about this country that helps people to let go and experience a new self.

Another photo story.. of Elena Bufan, Russian traveller, who joined a Surf – Yoga – Photo tour at Buffels bay, organized by Unravel Surf Travel in February 2013.

Elena works as an organizer of exhibitions in Russia. She discovered surfing  4 years ago, when surfing in Russia was still a very strange thing.

Elena is an incredibly positive, optimistic and light person.

This was an evening we went to the wild side of Buffels Bay…


Free surfing has no immediate purpose other than pure enjoyment. Photography is a means of making that enjoyment more concrete so that other people who cannot surf may appreciate the joy that you experience when you surf. This is why having good photos of yourself surfing is very important.

You owe it yourself and to the important people in your life to share your love of surfing with them. Personalized surfing photography can do that for you. Good surfing photography can explain something where a thousand words will never do.

My photography is about capturing feelings in a way words never can. When shooting Personalized Surfing Portfolios I spend the whole day with my clients. To avoid pressure you have a whole day to perform. “Relax and try not to think about the camera.” That is what they always say and it is true. We create an environment for you to surf at your best. Your surfing performance will benefit from our relaxed style.

We can organize shoots anywhere in the George / Mosselbay Area and Victoria Bay is usually the best option, but we can travel as far as Buffalo Bay or Vleesbay for Surfing Portfolio Shoots! When book a Surfing Portfolio Shoot we will make arrangements and together we choose the best day, and the right spot, for the ultimate surfing conditions!

The photo shoot can be divided into a few sessions, as you wish, but it is advisable to make the first session early, with a quick break for a photo talk, immediately followed by another session. During breaks in-between sessions we can go through and discuss the photos. Feedback can be given so that we both have a better understanding of how to maximize this photo opportunity. You may have a particular shot you would like again and I may have a particular move I would like to shoot again!

At the end  ALL photos will be provided to you in their original high-resolution format (on DVD) for good quality prints in the future. I will also edit a selection of your best shots! You may also wish to order customized or stylized prints!

Contact Us to make a booking for your Personalized Surfing Portfolio!

Price details:

Group sizes are limited to 4 people to ensure maximum quality shots!

1 person – R550

2 people – R300 per person

3 people – R250 per person

4 people – R220 per person

I hope to meet you soon.