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Chanel, the gypsy woman

When you look at these pictures you would never believe that Chanel works as a ranger at Botlierskop Game Reserve, practices martial arts, hip hop dance and, top of it, works with Ace Models. That is the true nature of women – transformation. From sensitive and soft to wild and strong.
Through this fashion shoot myself and Chanel were exploring the story of a wild gypsy woman, full of intriguing energy, fire and sensitivity.
Model: Chanel Carlson
Photography: Jenya Zhivaleva, Your Foto Story
Place: Mossel Bay

Fashion shoot with Nicola

Another exciting shoot with beautiful Nicola.

This time we arranged co-creative shoot with a talented photographer Eon Coetzee.

Its quite an interesting experience for two photographers to shoot one model at the same time. But you know what, once you get into it, its double the creativity.

You share ideas as you shoot, so you get to try new angles, settings and tricks, Highly recommend photographers out there to give it a try.

Here is what I got after the co-creative shoot.

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