Mozambique Surf Expedition via Kruger Park

Here is the blog post with a full photo story on Unravel Surf Travel expedition to Mozambique via Kruger Park, South Africa. I have been privileged to be part of the organizers team. It was an incredible adventure full of special moments and inspiration for my photography. Being an in house photographer for Unravel Surf Travel brings me lots of special photo opportunities. Check out the post to see the full photo story of our expedition.


Tour # 16

It’s difficult to believe that all of it really happened… But it did! And it was incredible!

Johannesburg. Kruger Park. Wild animals, in their natural habitat. African border crossing. Mozambique. Beaches. Yoga. Surfing. Waves. And more!

Mozambique Tour Group Mozambique Tour Group

I always emphasize the point here that every Surf Tour with Unravel Surf Travel is unique. There’s no packaged itinerary winding down a beaten path. Every Tour we do is fresh. Every Tour is different. And every Tour is personal.

It is us. It is what we do. Jenya and I. For you. Personally.

We customize every experience according to the people we’re on Tour with. That’s the way we operate.

20140628_152820 Unravel Surf Travel Co-Founders, business partners, tour organisers, surfers and yogis, husband and wife, Hermann and Jenya

Sure, we could standardize every Tour, buy a bus and become just another Tour Operator zipping up and down the…

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