Point of Human Origins, Mossel Bay , South Africa

Last week I joined archaeologist Peter Nilssen on his tour “Point of Human Origins” in Mossel Bay South Africa. Rainy cold day didn’t spoil the experience. It was an exciting interactive talk on our origins and present human condition combined with an archaeological walk to scenic caves.

Until year 2000 it was believed that modern human behaviour first appeared in Eurasia about 50 000 years ago. The Pinnacle Point Caves of Mossel Bay show evidence of modern human behaviour that dates between 72 000 and 162 000 years ago. The evidence suggests that Pinnacle Point of Mossel Bay has the traces of the earliest modern humans. In other words until they find something else, that is where modern humans come from, that is where we come from or have been on our journey.

The big part of the Peter Nilssen’s tour is dedicated to understanding of the human bahaviour 100 000 years ago and comparison with our behaviour today. What was driving humans behaviour back then? Are we any different today? What did modern human back then knew and practiced that we’ve lost today? Where are we going as a specie?

Anyone interested to join the tour please check out the website http://www.humanorigin.co.za/

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