Wedding Geographic is an international wedding & adventure-travel agency, whose aim it is to create special weddings abroad for adventurous couples. Your Foto Story is proud to represent South Africa on the Wedding Geographic world map.

Going on honeymoon and travelling somewhere new is almost as exciting as looking into the eyes of your life partner and saying “I do”, so why not combine the two? More and more couples are looking toward an adventurous wedding abroad! Not only is it the adventure of a lifetime with that special one, it also affords you the opportunity of creating your own wedding ceremony instead of following old patterns that may not resonate with the way you feel.

Buffels Bay was the setting for our most recent international wedding! We created a sand ceremony and built a beautiful wedding arch on the beach, underneath which the couples could exchange their vows. We prepared a wedding feast and we decorated the house to suit the mood.

We were as moved by the effect of it all, as was the bride and groom. They were truly touched. The ceremony was intimate, personal and the meaning was drawn from deep down within us all.

True love is a commitment and needs to be constantly renewed. True love is a choice that we make from moment to moment, for the rest of our lives. Every day we make that choice over and over again. We may only have one wedding ceremony and say ‘yes, I do’ only once, but through life, again and again, we come to accept our partners for the people they are and we forgive them for whatever needs to be forgiven. True love is not the passion of the first night, but rather the endurance of the years thereafter. True love doesn’t come all at once. It starts small and if it is nurtured it grows strong. That is what makes it so beautiful.

A whole team of people worked to make that day in Buffels Bay beautiful. I would like to thank everyone involved for helping to make Nastya & Denis’s dreams come true!

Organization: Wedding Geographic

Photography and  : Jenya Zhivaleva

Decoration and Design: Lizelle Dunn

Makeup and Hair: Chantal Burger

Wedding Cake: Yulia Nilssen

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