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Happy Valentine’s Date

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

People say you have to spend Valentines day with the ones you really love, the ones that touch your heart! I was lucky enough to photograph a special date. A perfect date!

Meet Olga Naumova and her special one!

Yes, that’s  right! He is her special one. Skydiving is her love and passion!

She is the only female instructor at Skydive Mossel Bay, and only one of the two in the whole of South Africa!

Originally from the Republic of Belarus, she’s come quite a long way! And what a journey it’s been! After all these years, this is her with the love of her life!

The future belongs to Learners

If you are looking for answers!


What is now, has not always been so. Time brings change.

Change is inevitable.

And perhaps at no other time in the history (or pre-history) of mankind has the process of change been as pronounced as it is now. That process is accelerating. It’s not slowing down.

Our parents were born into a world where a phone was a big old thing, fixed to a wall with a round dial and a single function. And their parents were familiar with the device.

Today we have smart phones with touch screens that’ll do just about anything, including accessing the Internet, a vast web of information, so intricate and so versatile, our parents have a difficult time imagining what exactly it is.

In fact, no one can be absolutely certain what it is. Or where its limits are.

If indeed this vast network has any limits at all…

What limits?

Consider the…

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Meet beautiful Terblanche family. Tania and Ian have two farm princesses: Karlien and Jana.

They are always outside, either chasing cattle together with their parents or playing with chickens or just rolling in the grass!

What I liked about this shoot is that, we followed all those little family trails and tried to follow their daily routine. Ok, Tania did make them look very clean and pretty  for the shoot =), but otherwise..they were in their element!

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